Boztepe 1999 Photos

Excuse me, you want me to draw what?

Someone just please wake me up for breakfast.

Best friends forever

If someone doesn't pass me those Sugar Puffs...

2 hours till our flight and counting

How about lamb over rice tonight?

3 Amigos

If this isn't paprika, I'll eat my hat.

Kings, queens, castles, marauding armies and us.

Bread-cam kids ready and at attention at 5 A.M.

A bathroom by any other name is still a bathroom.

Lords of medicine, kings of I.V.

Our fearless and noble leader

Payday! Woo Hoo!

So you don't want bread, just pay me for my unbelievable cuteness!

Is he looking over my shoulder? I know he's looking over my shoulder again!

Transect circle number1! Only 25 to go!

The shade is coming closer!

Last one in has to carry the equipment in from the van!

Nothing like a nice dip in the Tigris.

I like this here pit.

Hey kid, I can get the same bread over there for half that!

How do you like my pot?

Is this the road to Bismil, lovely Bismil?