UTARP Current Staff and Crew Members:

Project Director and Founder:

Bradley J. Parker, Ph.D. in Archaeology (UCLA, 1998) Associate Professor Near Eastern History and Archaeology, University of Utah.
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Lynn Swartz Dodd, Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA. Lecturer and Curator for the Archaeological Research Collection at the University of Southern California.


Bradley Parker, Ph.D.
Lynn Swartz Dodd, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Healey, Ph.D. in Archaeology (University of Manchester)
Margaret Abraham, M.A. in Archaeology (UCLA). Ph.D. student at Oxford University
Chiara Cavallo, Ph.D. in Zooarchaeology (University of Torino). Researcher at University of Amsterdam
Sarah Whitcher Kansa, Ph.D. in Near East and East Mediterranean Archaeology (University of Edinburgh). Cofounder and Chief Financial Officer of the Alexandria Archive Institute
Jenni Henecke, Doctoral student (Stony Brook University)
Remi Berthon, Doctoral student (University of Kiel - Germany)
Alexia Smith, Ph.D. in Archaeology (Boston University). Assistant Professor in Residence at University of Connecticut
Philip Graham, Doctoral student (Boston University)
Catherine P. Foster, Ph.D. in Near Eastern Art & Archaeology (UC Berkeley)
Reilly Jensen, Doctoral student (University of Utah)
Emily Johnson, Undergraduate (University of Utah)
Alex Headman, Undergraduate (University of Utah)
David Hopwood, Ph.D. student in Anthropology (SUNY Binghamton)
Database Manager:
Peter Cobb, B.A. in Computer Engineering (Dartmouth College). Ph.D. student in Archaeology at the University of Pennsylvania

Trench Supervisors:

Jenni Henecke
Marie Hopwood
Catherine P. Foster
Ashley Sands
Barish Uzel
Jonathan Vidar
Mila Christova Tzvetkova-Hover
Elizabeth Clark
Jason Kennedy
Kristen Butler

UTARP Past Staff and Crew Members:

Andrew Creekmore Drew McGaraghan
Diana Backus Marco Baldi
Melissa Eppihimer Bekir Gürdil
Cathryn Meegan Michelle Meneses
Eleanor Moseman Jeanne Nijhowne
Emily Ogle Elvan Cobb
Chuck Easton Debbie Dillie
Michaelle Stikich Randy Sasaki
Brian Bingham Rob Sinnot
Katie Smith Phil Jones
David Lunt Jacob Pawlowicz
Dawnelle Sommerville-Moon Richard Paine
Chris Moon Amy Stevens
Jonathan Schnereger Greer Rabicca
Andrew Ugan Sibel Torpil