KT2000 Team Photos


UTARP crew members demonstrating the modern uses for big rocks.

Local transportation at Kenan Tepe

Bradley: "Shush he is finally sleeping."

Before the heat.

Drew adjusting overhead camera "Is this thing working?"

Everyone at the dig on the last day. "Welcome to the Bismil Fashion show, first we have Pete in a lovely blue mud washed ensemble"

Chuck with the 60 minutes cameraman. "And then, Indiana Jones leaps off the..."

Elvan Hanim. "Look I found my shoe."

Dig mascot, the screaming chicken.

Debbie charms the locals.

Michaelle excavating her oven in 110 degree heat.

Kenan Tepe Olympics: Gold medal dump jumper.

Hamdi Bey, our Turkish government rep and tour guide.

Andy finds out that Ellie is the real bone expert.

One of our most important finds.

Bradley acknowledges that it is really Ihsan that runs the dig.

Hello Donkey.

The most important trench of all.

Nobody knows what he is really doing.

Aziz "the Terrible".

Randy practices his Jedi stare.


Brian becomes one with "dirt".

Crunch Time.