KT2001 Team Photos


"The reception's best when I stand like this"

Cruisin' with guzel style.

We just found this girl standing by the road, see, and what could we do?

"When's that bell gonna ring?"

"Sibel said you could read the future in this thing."

Even Rob cannot resist their charms.

Hi ho, hi ho, ten meters to go.....

"Only 6,328 points left."

"Here's the plan, run 30 meters then fake left, run right."

"Oh my G.... "

The feng shui trench, decorating by ...."

When breadheads grow up.

Marco good voodoo witch doctor.

"Yep, yep, this is the life"

KT beach volleyball 2001

"He likes it here"

Revenge of the mantis, part 1

"Baris suave"

""Well, he was a bit shy at first but he's become quite talkative."