KT2002 Team Photos

Welcome to my temple.

So far I've found three faces and Snoopy in this baulk drawing...

Preparing the Disco trench.

Monumental archaeology in action.

The square root of x cubed divided by.. wait a minute.

Kenan Tepe blues

It's all VERY secure...


Ok Greer, the war paint is disconcerting

You wouldn't believe how comfortable this is...

Marco's fashion show

The aluminum foil keeps the alien brainwaves out

Katie has many friends

Witness the creation of a new cult.

Disco trench

Girl's night in

Good folks

The breakfast collapse

Kara Hanim, Chojukler, vey eshek..

Airplanes aren't cramped, really.

Long distance bread delivery service.

Draw folks, draw!