KT2004 Team Photos

Eser and his workers huddle together for warmth in the frigid early morning.

What color is this dirt?

You gotta love Kenan Tepe!

Barish – what are you doing??

Omur sitting on the baulk (oops) and smiling!

A skeleton imitating the Sherif.

And behing door #2... a chalco floor!

Andy and Lokmar using the latest technology.

Honor's in there somewhere.

Go Bradley!

After a long day excavating, Nick contemplates whether he will have fried bread with his full English breakfast.

He is so devoted to his trench that he won't even leave it to use area T.

Sibel, you are too much fun...

Aziz Bey, you are the man.

Area T is on fire!

Lynn, Lynn, Lynn!

Andy, take a break! You look like you need it!

Jenny, the data entry Nazi.. .uh, whats wrong with your glasses?!

You're not quite striaght...

Emmy & her 21st birthday cake. Note that everything is spelled correctly in English by the Turkish bakery. Also, the S's on the sides of the cake also appear on carpets, a sign of good luck.

Sharif-Oh. My foot!.

She makes a pretty good scale, would you say?

Bradley and Lynn are not such good scales, but Jenny's sounding is good.

I still like the carpet guy in Urfa better..

Missy and Emmy are having a conference in the area D office- why didn't they put it in the shade?

Level the level.


Hey Missy!