KT2005 Team Photos

Welcome to Kenan Tepe...in May!

Jenni attempts to add more loci to her trench

Be not disturbed by the strange blue lab Jeanne

What the "G.Q. Shepherd" doesn't know is that Marco is secretly attracted to him

Is Barish working or sleeping? YOU MAKE THE CALL!

"And I did it allllllll myself!"

Who knew that archaeology could be so sexy?

Cloudy sunrise over the Tigris

How many workmen does it take to clear topsoil?

Nothin' like some leg squats to get you going in the morning

Bradley and Jon dig up some lunch

Oh geez! I knew my contact lens was gonna fall out!

Shhh...Erdal is trying to "work with his brain"

Diana, you are just too cute

You too Bekir

What is wrong with this picture?

Lynn is a babysittin' pottery readin' extraordinaire!

Uhh is this thing on??

Sibel and Phyllis share a Kodak moment

Marie digs her own Area T

Behold! The Kenan Tepe Towers (available for time share)

Babies on motorcycles...always precious

Introducing Tabitha, our youngest team member (don't worry, she's Union)

Chillin' in the Kaplan lobby

The 2005 Kenan Tepe team