KT2007 Team Photos

Sweeping dirt..the glamorous life

This is all perfectly safe

Baris is the hardest worker of them all

Momma's little helper

Yes mud brick? Well, I love you too!

Kristin loves Kenan Tepe thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much

Hussein nap time

Get 'em while their young!

Gotta love Kenan Tepe

Resul and Hussein, best buddies

Flotation fellas: Josef and Ramazan

Breakfast isn't over already, is it?!

Can't seem to get this laser beam to work

All perfectly safe..we swear!

Just great..."Made in China"

Obviously Mila is a morning person

Liz, you look guilty. Surfing the web instead of doing data entry??

Delicate work demands Bradley and Baris

Indiana Cano!

Jason, I think you tired Kristin out!