KT2008 Team Photos

Ceramic specialist in the making

Marie pits groundstones against each other

Golly Ubaid ceramics are purdy

Behold Jason, lord of dimensions

So I say this will make a lovely doorstop in the bathroom

Reading groundstone..do not disturb. Love, Dave

Washing pottery is good clean fun, right Kris?

Apprently Suat and Mila are joking at Baris' expense

Nap time at the Kenan Internet Cafe

One of our earliest inhabitants at Kenan

Jason in pottery reading zen mode

And if you turn the sherd this way, it disappears!

Jon loves photographing pottery..LOVES IT LOVES IT LOVES IT

Only 50 more to draw, then we might feed you!

Ramazan: cool, calm and collected

Munsell with a view

I'm serious! Honor used to be this small and look at her now!

Ashley and her kitty friends

Party time

Hussein loves his ayran